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e Liquid and e Juice

 Welcome to Elicit e Liquid, your premium provider of e liquid, e juice and e cigarettes. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning e liquids or e cigarettes, we would love to help you get started on your way to freedom from smoking. 
Every Elicit e Liquid flavor and strength is mixed using a combination of PG and PV to ensure a perfect vapor on every hit. All flavorings are guaranteed food safe as are all storage containers. The bottom line is we do not put any additives that do not belong, all of our e liquids at Elicit are our personal custom blends that we have decided to share with everyone. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin also known as PG and VG are commonly found in many food and pharmaceutical products that are consumed by millions every year. We have found that using a combination of the two provides the best vapor no matter which e-cig you prefer. In addition to these ingredients we add nicotine to our e liquid but you can also purchase it without nicotine by choosing the 0 strength on any of our flavors. Keep in mind that both e liquid and e juice are essentially the same thing. Both terms are used as sometimes e juice is referred to more often when fruit flavors are involved.

Elicit e Liquid comes in multiple strengths which helps you find the nicotine liquid strength that is right for you. We find that providing multiple strengths allows for an easy transition to a safer alternative. While we do not condone picking up the habit for non smokers (which is why we offer non nicotine e liquids for those who just enjoy the flavor), we do find it a great way to get started with a healthier alternative for seasoned smokers and leave the over four thousand toxins and carcinogens of traditional cigarettes out of your body. While nicotine is considered an addictive substance and toxin we use only 100% extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves so we can deliver the most pure product to our customers, families and friends every time. 

Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new product in the grand scheme of things, however the technology and raw products used have been around for decades. When e liquid and e cigs started gaining in popularity the mass majority of products were being manufactured in China. Although some companies still use products from China our e Liquid is made and mixed right here in the United States. Ensuring safety and quality comes first with every batch that leaves our doors, we know it is premium and you will too. Because we use the products ourselves, you can be rest assured that we would not sell any e liquid or e juice that we are not proud to put our name on. We are passionate about our products and hope you will be to.

Elicit e Cig and Starter Kit

The Elicit e Cigarette is also now available, we worked hard to ensure this will be your favorite e Cigarette and of course it is tailored to work great with our special Elicit e Liquid blends. Featuring the strongest battery, a large 2ml cartridge that can easily be switched out for flavor changes and a super sleek design. You are sure to love the Elicit e Cig. Our new e Cig starter kit includes an e Liquid sampler pack giving you everything you need to switch to the healthier alternative. 

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